Submission Guidelines

Thank  you for taking the next step to bridging the gap between you and your readers!

Stonebridge Publications will not publish fiction works that contain or promote sexually explicit subject matters and/or repeated use of profanity. Thank you for your understanding.

Biographies that pertain to serious matters such as abuse or former lifestyles, and by necessity contain rough language and explicit content, will be considered provided their purpose is to promote a healthier lifestyle, and inspire readers to seek freedom from their past – leading to complete healing.

To submit your manuscript for consideration, please follow the steps below and send your submission via email to: or by mail to: Stonebridge Publications, attn: submissions, 87906 Oak Island Dr. Veneta, OR 97487 if you wish to discuss your manuscript content.

1) Cover page with personal information, including any blogs or websites currently in use. Provide a brief bio and history of your writing experience as well as goals for your manuscript.

2) Package/services interested in.

3) Working title and genre.

4) Include the first chapter, mid-way chapter, and last chapter.

5) Target audience.

You will receive a response within 30 days of your emailed submission, and within 40 days of your mailed submission.

Please do not submit any form of payment until an acceptance letter has been received and contracts have been written.

Many blessings to you,

The Stonebridge team!