Samuel C. Walker


Privileged to be born and raised in East Africa by missionary parents, Samuel C. Walker, with his own family, subsequently spent over fifteen years living, teaching, and ministering in the Middle East (Yemen, Israel/West Bank, Jordan), engaged in projects as varied as archaeology, sustainability, reconciliation, teaching and writing. He is a professor of historical geography of the Bible, anthropology, ancient history and comparative religions. For seven years he worked in Micronesia researching and addressing climate-change issues related to food, water and energy security.
In July of 2014 he and his family returned from research in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Aksum, Ethiopia, where he set up projects for archaeology and taught at the Aksum University. He holds an MA from the University of Leicester, England in archaeology and heritage studies, both a BS & MS from Western Oregon University in interdisciplinary studies (history & sciences) and education, and a BA from Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA in comparative religions. Sam is a published author in areas of archaeology, sustainability, and reconciliation, has taught in universities internationally and in the US, and has presented at many conferences in the areas of missions, leadership training, pastoral care, sustainability, and archaeology/heritage.
Sam currently splits his time between Seattle, Washington and Ethiopia. His wife, Diane and four of their five children,
Chris, Hilary, Byron and Colin, with much hope and love, anticipate being reunited soon with their adopted daughter,
Letebrhan, from Ethiopia.

Stonebridge currently carries one of his books: Adam Without Eden.adam-without-eden-cover-front-web

Since being banned from the Garden, mankind has struggled to reconnect with a God bigger than our brokenness, to regain the pure fellowship God intended from the beginning. Often, we find it hard to reconcile the everyday realities of our current fallen state with a belief that God is good. In Adam Without Eden, we are reminded of the wonderful truth that it is God who is pursuing us in our exile. We aren’t alone on this side of the closed gates of Eden.
ISBN 13:978-1-940473-49-9

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