Jim and Deanna Reynolds

authorsJim and Deanna were best friends who decided to get married and have enjoyed the benefits of building one relationship on the other ever since. They have three children, Michael, JoyLinn, and Nicole, and currently live in Galesburg, Illinois, where Jim pastors the nearby Community Bible Church of Knoxville.
Jim has always wanted to write because he was struck, at an early age, by the power of words to move people. Writing this book, therefore, is the fulfillment of a dream. Jim loves being a pastor, teaching God’s word, and being a husband and Dad. He  collects toy cars and watches cartoons.
Deanna is both a PK (Preacher’s Kid), and a PG (Preacher’s Grandchild) and felt called to be a PW (Pastor’s Wife) as a high school junior.
She is an avid softball player and toured for two summers in Scandinavia with Athletes in Action. Her passions include her family, leading worship, softball (still!) and cycling.
Jim has written for www.heartbeatthemagazine.com and is attempting to enter the world of blogging at www.city-of-refuge.org.
Jim and Deanna are available for speaking engagements and conferences by writing: OurVictoriousHeart@gmail.com

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our victorious heart“Dear Jesus, please make my baby sister turn upside down and pee. Amen.”

Barely one month later, the sweet innocence of my almost four-year-old daughter’s prayer was replaced by my wife and I pleading to just let our baby live.


“Within the pages of Our Victorious Heart, Jin & Deanna have woven together an honest story of God’s love and nearness during the hardest of times. I caught myself reading portions out loud to my wife and nodding my head like a fool in agreement. This is a story that no one wants to walk, but everyone should know.” Matt Mooney, Founder of 99 Ballons

Perfect ISBN 13: 978-1-940473-23-9
Ebook ISBN 13: 978-1-940473-24-6