Jeanette-Marie Mirich

JeanettemarieauthorAn Oregonian by birth, Jeanette-Marie Mirich graduated with a B.S. degree in education from Portland State University. She married her college sweetheart and began a peripatetic lifestyle courtesy of the U.S. Air Force and her husband’s medical training. She packed up the kids and lived from Texas to Thailand, with 27 years living along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.
Passionate about needs in the third world, she accompanied her husband on many trips while he used his surgical techniques in Kenya, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and Mali. She scribbles poems or short stories in notebooks, on ruled and unruled paper, or napkins. Grammy to 13 exceptional grandchildren, she travels from Kentucky through Kansas to the Pacific Northwest writing stories,
making brownies and quilting. She winters in Kentucky and enjoys Oregon summers.

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miss_lawrence frontChaos. Christmas. Manipulation. Lies. Love.

Join Missionary, Alexandra Lawrence, and Jockey, Robin Huntington, as they race to solve the mystery of her arrest, allowing her to make it home in time for Christmas—The truth may set her free, but will it destroy the promise of love?

ISBN 13: 978-1-940473-02-4 Softback
ISBN 13: 978-1-940473-03-1 Ebook

“Mirich weaves us in and out of the lives of funny, serious, and broken people while still arresting our attention to the mystery at hand. She writes with the style and intelligence of Janet Evanovich and Patricia Cornwell. Her biting wit and allegorical underpinnings make her one of the brightest female mystery writers to emerge in decades. “Keep an eye on Mirich. She could very well be the new voice we have been waiting for.”DV Adams, Suspense Author