The Sixth Seal

Now is the time to order The Sixth Seal by Clifford W Kelly, Ph.D. at a low pre-release sale rate. This book on the end times is sure to intrigue all this holiday season. Just read what Kelly's endorsers had to say about his book and click today to purchase your copy!

"Entire forests have been cut down to provide paper for books on the end times, especially since the publication of The Late Great Planet Earth, by Hal Lindsey in the 1970s. Very few of them have combined piercing biblical exegesis with a broad understanding of the cultural and political situation in the world as a whole. In The Sixth Seal, Cliff Kelly provides a brilliant biblical understanding of the entire basis of the concept of ‘end times,’ as well as of the political and cultural challenges facing the body of Christ and the entire human race all over the world. No matter what kind of Millennialist you are, Kelly’s book makes more sense of the Scriptures and current global actuality than anything you are likely to read in the near future." – Dr. David Aikman, author and journalist

“Cliff Kelly’s Sixth Seal is the easiest to understand and most plausible explanation of Biblical eschatology that I have ever read or heard.  Those who are just beginning to study this most difficult finale of Scripture will appreciate a clear foundation with which to compare other interpretations.  And those who are familiar with eschatology should find plenty to consider.  Cliff’s vivid writing style, references and quotes from extensive reading supplement this fascinating subject.  Perhaps God made such a terrifying series of events intriguing so that we would study it, and be more prepared for what God warns us is going to happen.” Dr. Pamela Jason, professor of political science

“Cliff Kelly has crafted a masterpiece in his book, The Sixth Seal! This riveting story should come with a warning on the cover: CAUTION! DO NOT READ IF YOU NEED TO SLEEP OR EAT OR WORK! Kelly’s Sixth Seal is a spellbinding work written for such a time as this!! It will stick with you for days after you read the final page and lay the book down!” – Bodie Thoene, author and film consultant

“Dr. Cliff Kelly’s new book The Sixth Seal represents the culmination of more than 35 years of diligent study. This slim volume is not a dry academic tome but rather a passionate labor of love cast in a lyrical style rich with poetic references and literary allusion. This conversational narrative is also a valuable repository of expert resources relevant to the state of contemporary culture and spirituality at the beginning of the 21st Century. Dr. Kelly’s avowed central focus is on rightly interpreting the Book of Revelation, a formidable task that has challenged many able scholars over the course of two millennia. The arguments advanced are rooted solidly in the Biblical text and in the linguistic origins of key words. The Sixth Seal is a timely work and an important commentary on End Times events.” – John ‘Cadillac Dave’ Wheeler, author and journalist

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