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Since being banned from the Garden, mankind has struggled to reconnect with a God bigger than our brokenness, to regain the pure fellowship God intended from the beginning. Often, we find it hard to reconcile the everyday realities of our current fallen state with a belief that God is good. In Adam Without Eden, we are reminded of the wonderful truth that it is God who is pursuing us in our exile. We aren’t alone on this side of the closed gates of Eden.


“Do not read this book if you are satisfied with cohabitating with Jesus. But if you want to see the Jesus who chose slow-to-learn disciples like us, if you yearn to be a passionate newlywed, then I heartily recommend that you start to read this book. Then digest and read on. Examine who Sam reveals Jesus to be against what our Bible reveals. Go slowly. Most romances spring to life with surprising speed but grow deeply passionate over time and through trials.”

Steve Saint (from the foreword)
Author of End of the Spear

ISBN 13:978-1-940473-49-9

Price: $9.99

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