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This is a deal for a hard-back masterpiece of beauty! It makes a great gift for anyone in your life-the graduate, family and friends. It is also an amazing showpiece on the coffee table that is sure to get conversations going!

Praising Adonai's beauty is just breathtaking and sure to delight God's children. Keep Praising Adonai close at hand – its beauty will refresh your soul and lead you into His presence time and again.

“Within the confi nes of time, the Lord God has imprinted a resilient timelessness in our spirits. Praising Adonai – a love song, a photo album, a conversation between mother, daughter, and Savior – provides the reader with windows of timelessness. Is it the photography that draws me to the poems, or the poetry that opens my eyes to the views? It matters not, because it all ushers me to the living Word. Marijo shares much of her life in Praising Adonai, and you’ll feel like you know her as a personal friend. You will appreciate each page as you experience the transparency of two generations being poured out before Adonai, the Creator of all we behold, all we are, all we ever hope to be.”

Pastor Teri Downs
Dayspring Christian Fellowship
Woodland Park, CO

Price: $24.99

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